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Champ de Fleurs

Caribbean inspired skincare

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Naturally-designed skincare, for women who want an island experience by using plants, essences and herbs inspired by the Caribbean. 

All bars are made to cleanse, soften and moisturize dry skin. Made in a base of rice and organic cocoa butter - resulting in a creamy bar. Cured for 4 months.


Verdant Bar - CDF Skin Care - Herbal Bar -  Herb-Infused Bar
Verdant Bar - CDF Skin Care - Herbal Bar -  Herb-Infused Bar Verdant Bar - CDF Skin Care - Herbal Bar -  Herb-Infused Bar Verdant Bar - CDF Skin Care - Herbal Bar -  Herb-Infused Bar Verdant Bar - CDF Skin Care - Herbal Bar -  Herb-Infused Bar

Notes of peppermint and menthol stimulate your tired skin while a note of rosemary calms the worn spirit.  The herbal superfoods will also help to cleanse and nourish your skin while cocoa butter improves skin's health, softens and moisturizes.   



Moringa: a natural vitamin C to brighten dull, dry skin, with Vitamin A for wound healing.

Hemp seed oil: natural skin moisturizer. Improves elasticity and strengthens skin.

Neem: said to stimulate collagen and provide the skin with vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

The aroma of Rosemary and Peppermint: Fresh, woody-herbaceous with a somewhat minty-green menthol and, a woody-balsamic undernote. 


I highly recommend body products from Ms. Ginger-vee as they are made with great skill, love, and patience. Well worth every penny.

– Shameka T.

From the ordering process to the email confirmation to the packaging and handwritten thank you note to the products themselves, every thing is made with care!

– Dawn R.

Started using the Verdant Bar from my last order. My skin feels smooth and the bar doesn't leave my skin dried out.

– Shalema


I loved the soaps I've purchased. I don't have any skin issues however I have sliced off parts and gifted them to friends and loved ones to try and they all RAVE about how either their skin cleared up, isn't as dry, don't require as much after moisturizing when they lather up with the wonderful smelling soaps you make. I keep coming back because the products are always consistently great and pure and no breakouts or side effects from usage. I recommend Champ De Fleurs to whomever is looking for a quality product.

– Tracy B

I felt the difference after one shower that's no exaggeration. Thanks I will be purchasing more.

– Kendra H

The aroma is delightful and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and delicious every time! #HappyCustomer

– Nakia H

The scent of this soap is truly soothing and calming & the colors are vibrant! My favorite CDF soap yet! Really leaves my skin feeling silky and you notice how well this soap was intended to work after a body scrub. I feel I get the most out of this soap after a nice sugar or salt scrub. And of course, shipping always fast and excellent customer service

– Jessica B


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