CDF Skin Care

Clear and hydrated skin

Revamp your acne products with skin clarifying ingredients.  Made for women who are looking for high quality botanicals for their mild to moderate acne and dry skin.  Don't just complain about your skin, be amazed at how clear, hydrated, and brighter your skin looks when you begin taking charge, today!

I understand the frustration: not being able to feel your confident self because of your mild to moderate acne breakouts. I was teased and bullied because of my acne, but now I can say that with my own tools paired with your honest feedback, I can provide you with only high quality botanicals for your skin.

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I have very oily skin in the summer time and very dry and sometimes combination in the winter. This is perfect for my skin because it helped with my acne and kept my skin hydrated. It's so rich I didn't have to use much. So a dab massaged on my face and chest will do. This is really hydrating. love this moisturizer. (Cucumber Face Cream)

– Carey

Thoroughly love using the Melanin Body Bar to keep my Melanin poppin! Especially in this New Orleans heat. Will be buying more and recommending to friends. (The Melanin Body Bar)

– Kurston M.


I have tried everything from clean and clear the the supposed holy grail that is clinique. This cleanser (and all of its fantastic mates) have literally transformed my skin for the better. I have less breakouts, and my acne scars are slowly fading. Magic in a bottle! (The Balancing Cleanser)

– Kayla S.

"Everything from her packaging, personalized note, and emails, show how much you love your products and consumers."

– Angelyne D


First, I have combination skin-- dry in the parameters and oily in the t-zone. So, I wanted a scrub and face wash that will get rid of my flaky dry skin but not strip my oily parts. The Balancing Cleanser was perfect for the job. I occasionally have white heads, so I bought the Cacao scrub to exfoliate. I mild acne so I purchased the products to get clearer, brighter skin. So far. I have enjoyed all 4 products. I'll say receiving your products on the mail and seeing the little notes were touching. The packing was really beautiful. Thank you!

– Kakra A.


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