Caribbean inspired skincare

Caribbean Inspired Skincare

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(sha-n  de flur)  Meaning: field of flowers.

A skincare line for women who want an island experience by using naturally designed products inspired by the Caribbean. 

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Essence of Champ de Fleurs

I was twelve, and my mom needed cash, and there was no job in sight. So she quickly thought up a plan. She bought a case of soda, beer, and water, tucked them in a styrofoam cooler, filled it with ice, and began selling to our community. I knew she was doing something right, something for us, and beyond us.

Champ de Fleurs skincare is inspired by the healing powers of plants around my native home, my mom’s flower garden, and her store resting in a quaint town in Trinidad and Tobago. She continues to provide handmade treats and essentials to the community, being a hardworking inspiration for many.