Champ de Fleurs Skincare

Caribbean Inspired

Naturally-designed skincare, for women who want an island experience by using plants, essences and herbs inspired by the Caribbean. 

I loved the soaps I've purchased. I don't have any skin issues however I have sliced off parts and gifted them to friends and loved ones to try and they all RAVE about how either their skin cleared up, isn't as dry, don't require as much after moisturizing when they lather up with the wonderful smelling soaps you make. I keep coming back because the products are always consistently great and pure and no breakouts or side effects from usage. I recommend Champ De Fleurs to whomever is looking for a quality product.

– Tracy B

How to use

Each bar contains floating oils. These oils contain skin-nourishing Caribbean ingredients that help soften, moisturize, cleanse and, twice a week prepare the skin for exfoliation. 

Here's how to use your treatment bar

1. Rub the bar in between your wet hands - (transferring the floating oils to your wet skin) massage into a creamy foam (highly recommended)

2. Leave on skin for two minutes to soften the sebum. Use your exfoliating glove/cloth to help remove dead skin and oil.

3. Rinse with warm water and repeat if desired. On wet/damp skin apply nourishing oil(s) to prevent moisture loss. 


Products are shipped on Tuesdays and Thursdays via priority mail 


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