Learn Jamaican Patois and read Donalee Curtis' interview : Island Babe Series

Donalee: island babe series. Photo "just numbers" by Ima Dije



So my dear, who do we have the pleasure of speaking to today?

  • Donalee Curtis.



Where are you originally from?

  • Pusey Hill, Manchester, Jamaica.



Your favorite place you'd recommend to someone wanting to visit Jamaica?

  • Portland. It's the definition of paradise on earth and our best-kept secret. 



At what point in your life did you feel self-full?

  • Wow! What a tough question.  I think one of the most recent times was when I was sitting at an outdoor cafe in Belgium drinking some of the best beer I've ever had. I looked up at the sky, and it hit me, my ancestors must be so damn proud of me. Not about the beer lol but their descendant is traveling the world and living life on her terms. Something that probably wasn't possible much less a plausible idea a few generations ago. That was a mega moment for me. 



How do you know when its time to reset and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul?

  • Unfortunately, before I started my travels, I would wait until my body completely shut down before I realized I need to chill. Now, I set aside one day of the week, usually Sunday, for rejuvenation. Also, I listen to my body and soul more intently now. My intuition tells me when I need to take a moment to myself, but that's after learning the hard way a few times. 

Donalee: island babe series. Photo "just numbers" by Ima Dije


Give us a slang you frequently use to express excitement

  •  I don't have a phrase. I have a lot of crazy facial expressions, and I make weird dance moves when I get excited.


And lastly. A skincare tip you created yourself that works?

  • I did not create this but MOISTURIZE! Like sweetie dry skin has never been cute. I can't deal with the ash.   


Where can people find you on the interwebs? 


Check out her lesson on Patois Greeting below


Thank you so much, Donalee Curtis. Please check her out on any one of her links. Let her know that you loved her mini-interview. 


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