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Checking In On You

Checking In On You

Knock Knock


How are you sweetheart? Hope you don't mind me calling you sweetheart.  It's a Trinidadian-thang. 
(want to let me know how you're doing? Reply to this email and I'll reply).  

I'm doing great for the past few days and I'm grateful.  I'm also preparing for an upcoming trip and I'm excited to visit one of my favorite places in the U.S. Can you guess where it is? 

So let's get into it.  Spring is officially here and that means you'll be showing your face to the world regularly.  

Here are a few questions I want you to answer:

  1. Are you drinking your water first thing in the morning? 
  2. Are you consuming your warm lemon water right after?
  3. Have you prepared your greens to make your morning green smoothie?
  4. Are you detoxing your body with magnesium before bed?
  5. Are you dry brushing your skin before you jump in the shower?
  6. Have you stopped consuming dairy products? hmmmm 
  7. Are you consuming salads at least twice a day? 

If you have answered yes to all these questions then sweetheart you get 10 stars! 

If not, I'm truly asking that you get on board and feed your body in the right way. Think about what's stopping you.

I hope I'm not coming down hard on you, but I want you to win.  I may not have all the answers in the world,  but I do pray you add these steps to your every day ritual.  They say it takes 21 days to condition your brain to a task.  

I say it may take 21 days, but it takes an internal desire to want healthier looking skin. And your desire is important here.  

I also know that there are days that honey you just don't feel it.  But like I always say, don't stay off for more than a week - get back into the groove and make it happen.  Sometimes we all need a bit of assistance.  We may need a good word to push us along, whether it's food preparation, inspiration, or a product to speed things up.  

So get cracking honey! 


Have You Seen?

I've received a lot of requests for a natural product that evens skin tone and brightens skin.  Well my darling, it's now in the shop.  It's called The Summer Mint and it does just that.  

I did add a few extra ingredients I'm sure you will appreciate: cucumber to tighten pores, willow bark to treat acne at the root and alpha hydroxy acids to exfoliate oily-combination skin.  

Check it out here






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