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Avoid These 3 Acne Triggers With These Tips

Avoid These 3 Acne Triggers With These Tips

I've learned a few things while struggling with acne.  In today's post I'm going to share my tips on treating random breakouts and acne by avoiding 3 acne triggers.


Here are my 3 tips:

avoid these acne triggers 

Choose The Right Cleanser

This tip is not only for facial care but for body care also.  Facial acne, back acne and chest acne need to be treated with cleansers that are not high on the alkaline scale.  It's A-okay to choose a non-foaming cleanser as long as it contains natural ingredients and ph balanced.  A few of my favorite ingredients are: Aspen Bark, Tamanu Oil & Witch Hazel Extract to name a few.  

What's the appropriate ph? I go as low as 2.8 all the way up to 5.5/6


Stay away - Avoid Dairy

This one can be so hard to control but please do your best! It's difficult for your digestive system to break down dairy because once consumed it turns into acid.  It also creates large amounts of mucus that shows up in the form of acne.  And yes, this includes consuming yogurt.  


avoid these acne triggers 


Treat The Acne While You Sleep 

My biggest mistake over all was not treating my acne while I slept.

Let me be specific here: treat the acne with a light serum or moisturizer while you sleep.  The last thing you ever want is to sweat and create a breeding ground for more acne after an application of a night treatment.  With that said, use a light serum or moisturizer that feeds the skin actives. Use actives such as Allatoin for its anti-inflammatory activity, Panthenol to calm acne irritation/redness, including a natural Salycillic Acid to deep clean pores while you sleep. #poreclarifying





Avoid Moisturizing with heavy creams.

Again, make sure your moisturizer is light and oil free.  No one wants a greasy oily face to highlight the bumps (according to my mother).  I'm a fan of light serums you can use day or night, one that keeps excess oil under control (winning) and fast absorbing.  

Not Consuming Probiotics

Acne is a reflection of the gut.  Excessive alcohol, processed foods, sugar, gluten etc create fermentation and acidity in the body.  Lessening and eliminating these practices and adding probiotics to your regimen daily will introduce friendly bacteria.  This will aid in strengthening your immune system and improve the absorption of nutrients.  I'm currently taking this  Click the link to see if this is up your alley. 





Please Note: If any acne treatment contains Beta Hydroxy Acids or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (another recommendation for treating acne) make sure to wear an effective sun block.  Not wearing an effective sunblock may reveal skin to the damaging rays of the sun.  Always make sure to contact your doctor before use of any ingredient, supplement, food and/or skin care product. 



So Question: Are you taking a probiotic? And which one of these would you begin incorporating into your skin care regimen? Comment Below


Can't wait to read your answers..



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