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The 2 Biggest Acne Mistakes (In Summer)

The 2 Biggest Acne Mistakes (In Summer)

Ice cream - Check 

Shorts - Check 

Out door meet ups - Check 


Here are 2 tips to check for when you're struggling with acne in summer: 


Too much time in the sun:

While I know you are excited about "getting you tan on" too much sun can aggravate skin.  If you've applied a product/treatment with salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, retinol or benzoyl peroxide, your skin can become sensitive and irritated.  Not to mention, acne scars tend to become darker because of too much time in the sun.  


Apply a sunscreen but still head to the shady areas to avoid further acne headache.  



Not moisturizing

Ah yes, you may become an oily mess as the hours roll on, but you can reduce the amount by: using an oil free, light moisturizer. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a few blotting sheets close by.

  • Avoid heavy oils, butters.  

Also, the air conditioner will cool things off for a moment, but in no time your skin will become dry, and your pores will begin to produce oil. Moral of the story: hydrate skin with a water based solution. Bonus: use one that also oxygenates the pores beneath the acne while reducing inflammation aka salicylic acid. Please note if you're allergic to aspirin then salicylic is not for you.


The Struggles Of Having Acne Short. 



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