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The Unseen + Biggest Dangers Of This Drink

The Unseen + Biggest Dangers Of This Drink

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Have you ever drank a giant glass of high fructose corn syrup?

I know you're immediate answer is no. 

Buuuuut, I'm going to guess yes.  Maybe at one point in your life.  Hopefully, it's a habit we've cut off for good.  

What am I really talking about?

I'm talking about the tall dark and handsome drink called: SODA - The drink of non-champions.


Back in the day I drank so much soda I found myself addicted to it.  I craved the bubbles.  
I thought, the bubbles pushed my heavy food further down my tummy: to make way for more junk food (a bad story to tell myself). 

I craved all sorts of sweets and unhealthy foods whenever I had a glass of soda around.  

It's so acidic on the body, you can clean rust with it.  The acid eats away at anything in it's path over time.  Just think of what it's doing to your intestinal lining. 

I've bumped into folks who will choose soda over water on a 102 degree, humid day.  I get it, it's cold and refreshing. But just think, think of the artificial sweetener that kills brain cells when the chemical: excitotoxin enters your body.  

Refreshing on a hot day? I don't think so. 

While summer is not in full swing yet, even soda can't take the heat.  If the temperature of soda reaches 85 degrees or so, it then turns to formaldehyde.  Wait what's the temp of our bodies?

  • And you can tell the effects of it by the way your skin looks.  Dryness + acne are the two biggest side effects.  It depletes that glow you so desire. 

So the moral of the story is: 
  • throw up the peace sign to the dreadful sugary Soda and artificial sweeteners (the ones in the cute containers at ihop, denny's and the like). 




Here's a Anti-soda recipe:

1/4 cup of lime/lemon juice
1 pint sparkling water
some fresh basil leaves
sweeten with a small amount/drops of stevia


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