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She slices the skin of the cucumber thinly, taking extra care: not to waste the flesh of the fruit.  
My mom taught me all she knew about eating healthy.  I'm always grateful for her knowledge. 
She also didn't like the idea of having too much skin on the cucumber, but leaving just enough for a hint of contrast.  

One day I came home with a bunch of cucumbers in my Whole Foods bag, determined to increase my water intake.  What happened next made me a life long fan of the cucumber.  

I juiced some, tossed a few among some lettuce leaves, and ate round slices as quick snacks: all with the skin on. 



 That week my skin looked radiant! My skin felt and looked supple and fuller.  Because I was a bit lazy to peel the skin off of the cucumbers my skin benefited from tons of silica.






I had to do some research as to what was happening.  Here's what I also discovered...


  • Cucumbers contain phytochemicals that are known to plump and tighten skin. 
  • Consuming it improved the dry patches on my combination and dry skin. 
  • Eating the flesh of the fruit gave me the glow honey - because it's made up of Vitamin C. 
  • Pureeing the fruit and applying to skin can tighten large pores.  Tighter pores equals skin that looks younger and smoother. 

The moral of the story? Keep the skin on + eat loads of it, unless if you're allergic to all this yumminess.  

 It's now a staple in my home, and I'm so glad I noticed these benefits to pass on to you!  


Okay so what if you don't have time to puree, juice and do all these "savvy" things with cucumbers? Well I'm working on the next product with an addition of (you guessed it) cucumber to make your skin Glow Glow Glow! 

I'm ahead of myself, but it's called The Summer Mint and over the next couple of weeks I will talk more about it. I would love to launch it a week after my birthday. You do remember the date right? March 1st?

Okay I won't put you on the spot, but be on the lookout for the next few posts leading up to the exact date and the beneficial ingredients I've infused for glowing skin. 


Here's my question: how do you like your cucumbers prepared? Leave a comment below. I can't wait to read yours.  






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