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Why Oily/Acne Skin Becomes Worse In The Winter

Why Oily/Acne Skin Becomes Worse In The Winter

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No one is safe around acne, especially in the winter time.  

I always thought I was safe from acne when the weather turned chill. Unfortunately, this is the perfect time for acne to show out and behave badly! 

There is a reason to be frustrated for sure.  

Here's why: 

  • When the humidity drops in the winter this may lead to dehydration of the skin.  In this case, the skin's only way to provide moisture is to produce more oil.  

Dry skin is open to bacteria thus creating an increase in oil, acne, clogged pores, and a pissed off person.  

I love using hydrating cleansers and moisturizers around this time. And, if I'm worried about having a greasy face, then a very small amount of moisturizer spread into the palm of the hands and pressed onto the skin helps a lot.  

Why Oily/Acne Skin Becomes Worse In The Winter

Tip: Adding  The Balancing Cleanser to a clay mask creates a creamy moisturizing at-home-skin-treatment for acne.  It also contains tea, vitamins, aloe + willow bark to address random breakouts.    And yes, this cleanser was created to balance oily + combination skin.

However, if you struggle with full on dry skin then adding a non-dairy milk to your mask is beneficial here.   Also, a creamy cleanser and hydrating cream with added ingredients like pumpkin, pomegranate, carrot seed oil and evening primrose (to name a few) will moisturize dry skin.  


Do you strugge with oily skin in the winter time? Do Tell...




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