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Change of Season Equals What Now?

Change of Season Equals What Now?

As you have noticed there is a shift in the air.  

I can't blame it on Mercury Retrograde.  I can only say that it's time to level up and create anew on Champ de Fleurs.  

A lot of other things have taken up my time beyond CDF.  This is not to say that CDF is not important.  This is my baby, my love.  This is what I gave up my doctorate for.  This is what I am passionate about and this is what has taught me to love myself even more.  

I had to listen to my babes wanting to feel confident in their skin care.  I just had to. 

They want something different and not what I thought they wanted (off the top of my head).  Thank you babes for sending your thoughts and prayers. Thank you for shouting to the rooftops and sending it to my mailbox.  


I heard you. 


The shift is this: focusing on anti-acne products to help reduce the amount of acne we experience any ole time of the day or month.  To also help with hydration of dry skin - like a water bottle you take with you, but for your skin, in a product.  I'm rambling...

Basically helping skin remain clear, and hydrated so you can go out into life confidently at any event, at any job, on any stage or date and flaunt what you gave yourself - the gift of self care.  





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