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Headphones. Are They Bad For Acne Sufferers?

Headphones. Are They Bad For Acne Sufferers?
Acne. It pops up whenever wherever.  It can be frustrating when you've tried all your might to banish them.  

Let's look at one sneaky way they can get in.  


The title was a dead giveaway however, I'm dropping by to give you a couple tips when wearing headphones especially when struggling with acne.  

You may think about washing your hands after a bathroom break but think of all the times you've touched your earphones and headphones after opening a door.  What about car doors, railings, holding money or shaking someone's hand? 

    Yup, germs. Transferred from hand to device. 


Do you work out or happen to sweat a lot? Well, moisture collects around the hairline and ears causing a buildup of bacteria and yeast.  This results in itching, clogged pores, and acne if not cleaned. 


  • Keep a hand of wipes or makeup remover wipes in your bag.  Wipe devices and around your ears every day or every other day if permits.

It has helped me with keeping the acne away from my temples and hairline for sure.


p.s. head out there and get your wipes, don't forget now.

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