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Kim Kardashian-West Is Teaching You Something...

Kim Kardashian-West Is Teaching You Something...

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When I saw Kim Kardashian trending on my Facebook feed I wondered what now?

Now, I'm not going to share her story about being robbed in France.  What I will share are the thoughts that came right after reading her story.  I did feel a bit of sadness and empathy for her.


Basically babes, I think you can learn something from this situation.  Have you thought about how you've stopped yourself - from getting what you want from life, that is. 


My recent survey gave me a look into the lives of a lot of you lovely ladies.  A life worth living. A life where you're afraid to step out into the world fearlessly and confidently.  

Have you empathized with your soul, your pain, the stress of how your skin has held you back?

Think of how often you don't emphatize or stand up for yourself.  


There's a sadness I read between the lines of the many emails sent to me.  And I want to say, while we can read and watch these stories for entertainment, think of yourself, your needs and wants. Think about what you are going to do to get there.  

Stop worrying about how perfect your instagram friend looks while scrolling through her feed.  Stop that yearning and jealousy of people's journeys.  You won't get on the path of confidence from there. 


Understand the thoughts that are holding you back.  The negative self talk.  The ones that prevent you from going out the house without a drop of makeup.  

The kind of talk that blocks you from trying something because the last failed you. 

Get up and do something about it.  


You want clear skin? Concealers and foundations will only get you so far.  

Begin at the root  Want the change. Go after it. 

Start with each thing you digest - in your mouth- your skin- and your mind. 

Know that it takes time.  

Take care of you. 



Until we meet again. 

Take care of you first.  





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