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Save 15 To 20 Minutes On Your Skin Care Ritual, With This Trick

Save 15 To 20 Minutes On Your Skin Care Ritual, With This Trick

Did you have a new addition to the family?

Did you start a new job?


Is your current passion taking up most of your day - with no time to make sense of anything?


Are you the type who can't be bothered with a bunch of steps? You know, the get in and get out type.  


Here is my sneaky way to eliminate 3 skin care steps in your busy day: A face mask

Face masks can be effective especially clay masks on oily skin.  Yet, when you don't have a lot of time on your hands a leave on treatment mask is the best thing.



The Acne Purifying Night Mask


 It's light weight and feeds skin the actives it needs to refine skin.

Here are some other benefits you may experience with the night mask: 

  • moisturizes with coconut fat acids (different from coconut oil)
  • breaks down pore buildup with salicylic acid 
  • oat powder: known to repair the epidermal skin barrier
  • gotu kola: believed to repair wounds (acne pustules) and strengthen collagen
  • allantoin: known to reduce inflamed acne
  • essential oil blend added - to encourage clearer skin


With this said The Acne Purifying Night Mask covers moisturizing, masking and applying an anti-acne treatment all in one.  


Here's the method: 

  • Cleanse skin

  • Tone

  • Apply purifying night mask


Where can you get it? See it here

Here's to clearer skin. And remember, feed your body nourishing foods.  It's sure to also improve skin clarity on the inside.




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