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Why I'm changing The Cacao Brightening Scrub formulation

Why I'm changing The Cacao Brightening Scrub formulation
  1. A larger size.  It was a 2 oz jar, now you can get it in a 4 oz glass jar.  
  2. The aroma has also changed to a white floral neroli (no more cacao).  



  • I'm also changing the formulation because my supplier informed me that their new stock of cacao contains propylene glycol ( a chemical not worthy of being in my products). This also means that I had to change the name from cacao brightening scrub to bamboo (it contains bamboo powder).
3. It now contains lemon peel.  A brightening alternative to hydroquinone (a chemical banned in many countries because of its harsh side effects). 
  • So in all, you'll have a face scrub that buffs and treats dry skin like no other.  One that also refines pores and treats acne while brightening acne scars and hyper pigmentation.
  • Also the price has not changed much.  Your welcome <3

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