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About My No Makeup Movement

About My No Makeup Movement

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I've got no pictures of myself today. I think Solange will do for now, because she's killing it in the self-love music game.

No pictures of how tired I look without a coat of eyeshadow, and a flick of black liner on the top of my eyelid.  

I look tired.  People ask if I'm feeling well.  My reply is always with a scowl. 

These days I simply reply it's my large eyes and that's that.  

It's amazing how a little shimmer can wake up my face.  



Without makeup I get to see my mom, my grandmom and my ancestors.  The droopy eyes, the sad look but inside there's a fire brewing.  Little do they know. Ha


How do you feel about not wearing makeup?

Is there one thing you can't live without?  Mine is eyeliner. 

Let me know in the comment section below.