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Why Are You Not Ready To Take Care Of Your Skin?

Why Are You Not Ready To Take Care Of Your Skin?

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I'm not ready yet.  

I'm not ready yet.  
I'm not ready yet.  

These are the words that have stopped you in the past. Stopped you from going to that party (the kind that where mingling and complimenting each other's looks are involved). It's these words we hold onto when contemplating our next move.  

  • All in the name of fear.  It's tiresome.  


We blame our hair, teeth, shyness, will they like me-thoughts, fashion and SKIN.  We allow these things to get in our way.
It's time to start doing the work, or rather play.  Yup, it's time for play.  
When we become old and beautiful I don't want us regretting all the things we should have done.  
  • I know this post is random and you may be looking for some tips to clear or hydrate your skin.  This post is for you to rest easy at night, knowing that you are made perfectly.  And if there are parts that may miss the mark from time to time, or all the time, well you have permission to do something about it.  
And to do it consistently.  
I'm happy to say that this week I have consumed more water than a fish.  Yes, I drop the ball sometimes.  And yes, I do pick it back up because I know my body and these good looks depend on it.  
Here's to you good-looking
Pick up something I've taught you - maybe from a video, a post on my website or past writings and let it ring for this upcoming week.  
Love you
p.s. my earbuds created some feedback. I won't let it stop my greatness ha. 

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