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Your Skin Getting You Down? Read This...

Your Skin Getting You Down? Read This...

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Hi darling -

There are those moments when we feel less than.  

We may never tell a soul, we may hide our feelings deep inside. 

Thoughts of:

will I ever succeed? Will I ever get the love of my dreams? or will I be brave enough to show others what I really look like? - without my makeup.

It takes time. It takes guts. 


Trust me, I get it.  

When you get to the top of that mountain, with your face to the sky - in that moment, I pray you'll be free.  

Free of fear and gladly go after what you so longed for.  

  • You are deserving of that job, that grand business, that crazy costume you want to wear, that open back dress, that fine piece of specimen standing afar.  


Yes, we all know or may not know your skin woes.  You crave confidence before stepping out the door. My dear, let your personality shine through.  You are and will always be beautiful, and it is your mission to take care of you. 



Hey Beauty!