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Your Spring Skin Care Guide

Your Spring Skin Care Guide

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So Spring comes with a bunch of changes.

 If you are experiencing extreme dryness, oiliness or even acne here are some changes you'll need for this new season. As you know, or may not know, I not only focus on skin health, but the health of the mind as well as the food we eat.  



The transition into spring brings about stages of sadness and a lot of negative emotions. This is the time to start looking into meditation, yoga or even a cognitive behavioral therapist for some assistance with any un resolved issues.  

This is also the time where colds are rampant, the body feels achy, and sluggish feelings may present themselves.  Mucus may also be thicker than usual (eek!) in the body.  



  1. Reduce your fat intake
  2. Add spices such as cayenne and ginger to your cooking, salads, smoothies and juices.
  3. Pickled garlic, celery, mustard greens, parsley, raw radishes also helps the body to break down winter fat. 
  4. Begin taking magnesium oxygen to help break apart acidic waste.  It's important that we begin this type of cleansing to balance our body's ph.  
  5. Avoid any oily and sweet foods.  This adds to the sluggishness and heaviness - the goal is to feel lighter and energized. 
  6. Begin dry brushing - this is the best time to start skin brushing.  After dry brushing you want to massage your body with a massage oil. Follow up with cleansing and rinsing your body in the shower.  
  7. The best time to head to bed is 10pm. 
  8. Love teas? sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon, turmeric or black pepper in your tea.  Also, pick up some fennel tea at the health food store to help with digestive support.  


Skin Care Tips

  1. Use a cleansing oil to break apart makeup is key before cleansing. I like using it even if I'm not wearing makeup.  
  2. Remember to cleanse your skin with a ph balanced cleanser that helps with exfoliating and brightening the skin.  
  3. Exfoliate by using the dry brushing method from the neck down. A body scrub is also helpful here - this will help wash away flakes (without heavy oils). This is the perfect scrub for that. 
  4. Toners are key in every season. I would recommend switching from a creamy or heavier toner to something much lighter.  

Moisturize moisturize moisturize

  • Use a water based/oil free moisturizer.  If you are still experiencing dryness then continue with your oil free cream moisturizer.  
  • Blotting Paper -We can't go wrong with a stash of blotting papers just in case an oil slick attacks.  


Okay darlings, those are my tips for this beautiful season.  

Enjoy the newness of March and beyond







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