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Great question, for face products a 4 oz/125 ml bottle can last you up to 60 days (depending on use). A 1-2 oz / 50 ml product can last between 30-40 days (depending on use). 

Soaps can last between 3-4 weeks depending on how often you use it, the climate you live in, the oils/butters used, and if the soap is dried in between use.

A jar of the mask can last up to 20-40 weeks, depending on use and the size of the jar.


Because this natural product does not contain any thick emulsifiers and is sensitive to heat, it is natural for separation to happen.  A great tip is to stir your scrub well and place in a very cool environment.  I like placing mine in a cool spot. This way you are not mixing each and every time.  


You can compost your packing peanuts. They’re made from sorghum starch (all natural) that you can use as fertilizer. I also use a vegetable tape that’s renewable and biodegradable. Also, packaging comes in a kraft box. Most of it can be recycled (excluding the plastic jars).


No. If you happen to, make sure to tone and moisturize skin.  Those last two steps are important. 


They help to exfoliate and remove the superficial layers that may cause the darkening of the scar/spot. They do a great job over time with helping to even skin and/or lighten scars over time 


Yes. An spf between 35 and 50 is great. 


With the use of the AHA/BHA you will notice a reduction in flare-ups. The salicylic acid works on acne seen and unseen thus lessening the chances of scarring.  It's important to not pick with acne and continue to use the natural acids to exfoliate and clarify skin.  


If you are trying any CDF product, I suggest purchasing one product at a time. For example, if you purchase The Balancing Cleanser wait two-three weeks before purchasing The Summer Mint Toner.  It's better to ease your skin into these products than to rush.  This way you can pinpoint which product is giving you said result for your skin.  


The product may come in different colored bottles. I assure you the solution/ingredients in the jar/bottle is the same formulation throughout.  


Yes, if you are wanting to clarify, and tone your acneic/oily skin.




No. Only vegetables 


 If you are allergic or have a sensitivity to aspirin and salicylic acid please avoid products with salicylic acid and/or aspen bark.  


Unfortunately, no. These are meant for those with Adult acne, from mild to grade 2 (moderate).


There is no guarantee that you will not break out. It is important to test on a small area on your skin before full use.  This is your responsibility to test it for 24-48 hours. 


Great question, I will have to see about that.


You can.  However, my best suggestion is to start with any aha/bha product every other day for a couple of weeks before use every day and always follow up with a sunscreen because skin tends to be more sensitive to the sun.

Each skin type is different so it's up to you to test and see when is the best time for you.   When things change in your lifestyle, you can switch products to suit your needs.  For example, if you decide to go on vacation in a warmer climate your skin may not need all products at one time.  Maybe your skin prefers the cucumber moisturizer only at night.  


Ask your dermatologist and/or esthetician.  The length of time depends on the intensity of the procedure. There is a chance that you may experience intense stinging after using invasive procedures.  I would recommend that you avoid using any of my products after a treatment for up to a week. 



Most of my products contain glycolic acids, alpha hydroxy acids and/or beta hydroxy acids (AHA/BHA) These products may contain natural acids from sugar cane, lemons, sugar maple and BHA from the salicylic acid that may cause slight stinging and/or redness.  This happens until the skin gets used to the acids.  


These actives and acids are able to truly clean/clarify acneic pores as well as remove dead skin cells and blemishes for clear, glowing, healthier skin.  When using the cleansers they should be rinsed very well with warm, not hot water, followed by a ph-balancing toner to rebalance your ph and lessen the sting.  Start with once a week and increase from there. If your skin does not calm down after increasing use each week then discontinue use, or use a neutralizing toner to bring the skin back to normal pH more quickly.  You may also apply a 10% sodium bicarbonate solution to calm any irritation and rapidly alkalinize the skin. For example, 4 oz of water with 2 1/2 teaspoons of baking soda, dissolved well.    This product is not for those with sensitive/irritated skin.  


The use of AHA's should be avoided prior to sun exposure as fresh, new skin will be revealed and this new skin will be more susceptible to UV damage, including burning ... always wear an adequate sunscreen for protection from both UVA and UVB rays ...


While I may not know your lifestyle I would say that products are only one part of the equation of glowing radiant skin.  While I can say each product works better when paired with a healthy diet there are many more factors such as age, hormones, environment etc that may affect how each product works with your skin. 

Also, feel free to contact me at for your product concerns and suggestions


You suggest a sunscreen to use with the AHA products. What do you recommend?

Currently, I love the Coola brand.  They are paraben-free and skin friendly.  Find one that is natural and works well with your skin type.  


This depends on the temperature and/or the ingredient used.  For example, peptides and the natural preservative may result in a cloudy appearance.  This does not affect the quality of the product.  


All cleansers are formulated not to dehydrate skin.  However, you may experience slight dryness if one or more of the following occurs: poor diet, climate change, taking medications, time to shift to a new product, and or stress.  If you experience this, apply the moisturizers recommended.  They are meant to rehydrate skin.  


They will not help entirely with pitted scars. See your dermatologist and or esthetician as they are knowledgeable on filling, and/or using lasers etc. to correct this. 


They are all created to prevent trans epidermal water loss. This means they each prevent moisture loss from the skin.  Ingredients such as niacinamide, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, seaweed, and aloe vera are some of the hydrating botanicals/actives used.   It is your responsibility to internally and externally create an environment to prevent this from happening.  For example, dry brushing, exfoliating, moisturizing with my products after cleansing and eating a well-balanced diet.  

You may also find that the toners listed may hydrate your skin and you may not need a moisturizer. This depends on the humidity/temperature of your state, your activity level, season, diet etc.  


Each product is made fresh, the shelf life is 12 months from the time you open it.


Each soap is natural. This means that depending on the ingredients each bar melts at different rates.  For example, a soap with a hard butter such as cocoa butter may melt slower than one with shea or mango butter. 


Only High-Quality Oils Are In Every Soap.  Depending on which soap it is, you may experience a slick, smooth, hard or soft consistency depending on the oils used in the soaping process.  


Stop use and rinse well, if necessary.

Please seek medical attention.


All products are ph balance between 4.5 - 5.5/6 (excluding bar soaps which are between 8-10). Any products containing aha or bha may range from 2.8 - 4.8/5.8


Currently, items are shipped within 2-3 days after payment is received in full. Shipping is handled by United States Priority Mail (which takes between 2 - 5 days domestic and 6-10 international)


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Send me a note to before you checkout.  I do not guarantee shipping times without a conversation before the transaction takes place.  I will do my very best to communicate shipping times and other updates.  


Currently, no. 


Currently no. 


Yes. In the product's description, you will know if a product is not by an asterisk* or a Please Note


All of your transactions are secure at all times, and I never store your card information.  The site is SSL encrypted for your safety. 


This is a popular question. Sadly no. 


Sure, sign up to my newsletter on the shop page and I will send you an email about the next launch of a product.


Currently, there is no line made for children.  I do advise that if you are pregnant you should contact your doctor/homeopathic doctor before use.  


Yes, all products are scented with essential oils. You may find skin safe, phthalate/paraben-free fragrance in the limited release section.  While products from other companies may be scented at around 3%, my products are scented between .25% and 1%. For example, a 2 oz bottle may contain 2-4 drops of essential oils.  


Currently, I do not.


You will find that products containing water are preserved with a blend of herbs, probiotics, and teas etc.  


The xanthan gum used is derived from the bacterial fermentation of wood pulp polysaccharides, not corn, and is certified non-GMO as per NOP rules of the USDA. It is manufactured using ethanol, not isopropyl alcohol. 






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